Tarot and psychic Readings

Tarot is an excellent tool for divination and guidance. Readings include Tarot, Psychic, Palmistry and Mediumship. As an Empath I am able to tune in with the person I am reading for and usually pick up on their feelings and what they are going through in life. This can include physical symptoms and emotional feelings.

I usually start with a general overall reading. This includes a brief look at the past; a brief look at the present time and then what is coming up in the persons life over the next the next two years.
Then we can look at specific questions the enquirer may wish to ask: such as Relationships / Career / Work / Business / Money / Finance / Spirituality. These situations can be looked at in detail, clarifying issues and to see what the future holds. Advice can be provided to help improve communications and understandings of situations. Including, how to deal with delicate situations or choices.

How Readings can be of help

Readings can help the enquirer to navigate their way through difficult situations or when they just generally want to know what life has in-store for them. Where there are any negative aspects Tarot will show things up. It is a bit like being fore-warned is fore-armed. Therefore strategies can be put in place to deal with the issue; reducing problems or even stopping problems from occurring.

Although I enjoy all aspects of my work I see readings as a positive force in an individual’s life. I ensure readings are provided with compassion and sensitivity with the intension to heal the person and improve situations in their lives. Readings give me the opportunity to meet and support people as individuals enabling them to deal with challenges in their lives and to make wise choices in the actions they choose to take.